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Jumps racing is the subject of numerous news items, opinion peices & blogs. Find below a comprehensive library of such articles. There are also been numerous videos created to document the tragic and extremely painful deaths these magestic animals suffer on track. These video's are not here to sensationalise, or to disrespect the memories of the deceased jumps horses, rather to draw attention & awareness to the painful and unnecessary death's they suffer, all in the name of sport.

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The Death of Pride of Westbury





A frank look at the death of Sirrocean Storm - who was dragged off field after he had broken his hind leg in a jumps race - in order for the race to continue.




The death of Crying Storm. Graphic, and heart wrenching, but - this is what happens in jumps racing.



The Death of Hanging Rock.


"Horse Safe" Victoria. For those who don't recognise the reference to the "Work Safe" Victoria education campaign - bringing Australia's workers home safely to their families. The Video is based around the death of Pride of Westbury. Another horse who never made it home to his stable.



Pride of Westbury -


The fall & death of Fergus McIver - again, distressing footage.

The fall of Hooker Road



The fall of Scouting - Watch this video to the very end - he actually falls TWICE in this race. Firstly over the hurdle, and then in his panic to get home - he fails to negotiate a boundry fence, running right through it, becoming cast, and needing to be freed by his handler.


A BRILLIANT response by The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses response to Racing Minister Dr Denis Napthine's media release in which he says the 2011 steeplechase season has been "withouth incident.


The "Banna Strand" debarcle. Steeplechase race resulting in only half the field finishing, and one horse, "Banna Strand" jumping into the crowd, injuring spectators.



2008 Judge Jones Report into Jumps Racing
2005 Jumps Racing Review
1991 Senate Enquiry into Jumps Racing


Patrick Smith

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May 12 2010 Why Jumps racing should be banned Immediately


The Punch

25/07/2011 Frock up and have a Tipple at our Very Own Killing Fields
04/05/2011 It's an abbatoir with a winning post
01/11/2010 The Brutal Truth about the Racing Industry


May 14 2010 Sirrocean Storm broke his leg on the flat



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